Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Three ⚡ Lightning ⚡ Strikes And You're Out(side)! - IMRAN™

Being blessed to live on the water, away from city lights, the wide expanse of the Great South Bay beyond my home beach is always a source of visual treats.

From dark moonless nights with flying white foam covering roaring waves, to moonlit nights on a silky smooth mass. From No Visible Horizon nights when earth, wind, sky and water merge into one, to the most spectacular displays of lightning, seeming to set alight the aptly named Watch Hill on the also aptly named Fire Island... places I love being by boat, in all kinds of weather, in all seasons, in all stages of life and in all types of light.

But, as I clicked way on my Nikon D300 on this magnficent fireworks filled sky, with the smell of burning Ozone in the air, and the atmosphere rich in sensual moisture and dripping in an almost sexually charged energy. The mood, the scene, were, to say the least, Electric.

As massive thunderbolts and lightning struck across from my home, as I captured this photo, I was reminded of the risks....

Three (Lightning) Strikes And You're Out(side)!? :-)

© 2010-2011 IMRAN

Camera Nikon D300, Exposure 30, Aperture f/18.0, Focal Length 48 mm

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