Friday, December 18, 2009

Pinnacles Of Success Often Shrouded In Fogs Of Uncertainty

Pinnacles Of Success Shrouded In Fogs Of Uncertainty - IMRAN™

A foggy, cold, damp, dreary New York winter day. The Empire State Building disappearing into the jaws of a sepia gray foggy sky. A seemingly depressing moment. But an inspiring moment for me.

I share with you the words that I spoke on creating the image....

Pinnacles Of Success Will Often
Be Shrouded By Fogs Of Uncertainty.
But, They Await You.
Dream. Decide. Act. Achieve!

I hope the words and the image will inspire you to achieve all that you can dream of.

See it closely and notice how the foggy sky photo noise turned into an amazingly beautiful caramel chocolate 3D sandpaper texture effect in Photoshop. You almost feel you can touch the dimples and grains of it.

© IMRAN 2009
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