Thursday, December 18, 2008

IMRAN.TV: Should India Attack Pakistan Over Mumbai?

There is a lot of discussion going on about the possibility of India attacking Pakistan over the Mumbai events. Even in the best of times two countries considering war as an option is usually a lose lose lose situation for them and the world.

For them to be two nuclear armed countries simply means an even bigger disaster for the whole world. For India to be a predominantly Hindu country, with Hindu extremists tried to come into power, and for Pakistan to be a dominantly Muslim country, with Muslim fanatics trying to take over power, the plot thickens. The possibility of a mushroom cloud rising over many cities in South Asia becomes even greater.

India was attacked, possibly by people from Pakistan. Pakistan denies it, but may also be in denial in itself. Kashmir is the most likely root cause. Should India attack Pakistan over the Mumbai events? Let's view the video.

Should India Attack Pakistan Over Mumbai?Imran Anwar http://imran.TV / comments on India and Indians wanting to attack Pakistan for Mumbai attacks.


Anonymous said...

US did not attack Saudi Arabia - but then Saudis do not let
anyone roam free in their land who may have hijacked an american
airliner; US did not attack Saudi Arabia post 9/11 because a
Saudi was not captured post 9/11 as a participant in the hijacks;
and such a Saudi did not claim to have been trained by the
Saudi intelligence; and such a hypothetical Saudi did not write
the Saudi consulate asking for help!

Muslim countries of the world did not attack India post Babri
masjid or post Godhra because it was Indian citizens killed by
Indian citizens - not Muslim citizens killed by Indian citizens!

Internet, the Great Equalizer - anyone, even Imran Anwar - can
air his/her views regardless of his cerebral capabilities!


But he did have the sense to shave off his cherished jihadi
beard for the photo-op - I am sure he will grow it back shortly,
make his appearance at the local mosque.

Unknown said...

Amen, Imran.
Though I realize relations between India and Pakistan are much different than what we experience here in North America, I can't believe that any of this talk of war/retaliation to Pakistan. The country itself is not responsible, and only risks escalating a situation much higher. I like your idea of the two countries working together to investigate and come to conclusions.
Well spoken!