Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bush Claims Success In Iraq - Pravda Would Be Proud

All I could think after hearing Bush give his speech claiming recent successes in Iraq meant we could start seeing a troop reduction was --- did the US Government hire old Pravda (Soviet Communist propaganda machine) writers. That in itself would be worrisome, but to see that Bush and his cronies actually believe what they say (until they say the opposite and fully believe THAT) is even more dangerous.

- If Iraq is so successful why are we still at greater risk in the USA?
- If the success is so great, why are only a couple of thousand troops coming home?
- If Iraq has such stability, why does the American President have to arrive secretly and unannounced EVERY time he visits?
- If, as Bush said, the enemy is still dangerous and active, then WHY even pull out any troops?

I could literally type a list of 100 questions that were popping into my head as Bush continued with his eye-popping fantasy/fallacy based speech. What thoughts come to your mind?

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