Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Red Mosque In Islamabad Earns Its Name

Finally, Parvez Musharaff, the Pakistani dictator who I had predicted on CNN would hang on to power for years, has done something to make me dislike him less. Of course, his raping the Pakistani Constitution, destroying institutions like the judiciary, etc. still mean the best thing he can do for Pakistan is to leave the country but for now I will give him some grace period. Here's why.

He finally let the commando forces do what was necessary to give Islamabad's Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) a chance to earn its name. I am personally thrilled that the militant holed up within, and his gang of murderous, kaafir jahanummi terrorists who planned the muder of innoncent people, were killed like the dogs that they were.

This happy ending was only surpassed in the delight of watching this militant's brother, who had called on people to die fighting, actually get apprehended trying to escape the mosque in a burqa (stifling coverall bed sheet dress illiterate Muslims force their women to wear) and --- drum roll please --- high heels! The only thing not visible was lipstick on that pig, and it was a joy to watch him on TV as the Pakistani authorities rightfully had him meet the press in full women's regalia.

As my 13 yearold niece Iman commented, maybe he should also have considered shaving his beard before donning a burqa and high heels. Talk about a new version of Barbies, cross-dressing Mullahs.

On a more somber note, there must be dozens of the "students" (brainwashed illiterate suicide bomber wannabes) that may have made it out and will wreak havoc on Pakistani society and innocent people. But, then, they will show their true, kaafir, jahanummi, nature, making it even more necessary to hunt them down like the vermin they are.


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the story in Indiescribe blog. Here in the West, we still have a hard time understanding the motivation of some of these extremist groups, and figuring out exactly who the moderates are, so it's thanks to blogs like yours that we can educate ourselves. I also enjoy Rashid Manji's articles, even though she calls herself a radical Muslim she is highly regarded in the West.

IMRAN™ said...

The problem with people like that Manji creature is that they are the extreme opposite of the nutjob fundamentalists in what they stand for. It would be dumb and idiotic for someone to complain that some extreme Jews want to kill them if they opened a pork chops shop selling pork wrapped in Swastika paper and call it Moses' Kosher God Foods.

Big surprise then that the Brits' honoring Rushdie is now leading to new threats against them by AlQaeda types, who, in such cases, do have the support of even non-extremist Muslims who feel offended by the British acts.

I personally think freedom of thought (even more than freedom of speech) is what we have a dearth of in most societies, Muslim ones in particular.



Anonymous said...

And so the seemingly never-ending Islamic extremist movement goes on.

Really, it's only a matter of time before such fundamentalist movements die down or become tiny background squeaks in the noisy world stage. (Like the way the Nazi movement has ) But not within our lifetimes, I'm afraid.

Totally inappropriate acts such as the British knighting of Salman Rushdie (why now?) and the kidnapping of Korean nationals (why them?) just needlessly provoke anger from previously neutral civilian factions (e.g. regular Muslims and South Koreans) who would rather see this blasted "war on terror" end. It's almost as if both the Al Qaeda and the Western coalition against Islamic terrorism hate seeing people who WON'T take either side.