Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Misnamed Apple iPhone Is My MyPod!

It has been several weeks since I had a time to write a blog entry, and I appreciate the emails I got from readers asking where I had disappeared. Actually, except for a truly wonderful European trip (will write on that another time), I have been busy commuting between my NY and FL offices and literally pulling all-nighters every few nights.

So much so that when Apple and Steve Jobs announced the truly spectacular Apple iPhone, I did not get a chance to praise Apple or to disagree with calling it an iPhone (regardless of whether Cisco has any claim to the name). My happiness was that something I had written literally TWO YEARS AGO, an entry in this blog on January 18, 2005, had come true. I had predicted that the iPod should be repackaged and redesigned to become a MyPod, a device with music and PDA functionality, but also running Mac OS X.

The phone talk had been going on even at that time, but to me the biggest strategic aspect of the iPhone (which I still think should be renamed to MyPod or something non-limiting like iPhone) is its using Mac OS X. I can hardly wait to get the machine.

Here is what I wrote on the topic and based on questions people raised, I gave more details of how the new iPod would become a computing platform. Your comments are welcome. Keep those emails coming, and hope to hear from you on my iPhone (when it ships, and hopefully unlocked so I do not have to be stuck with Cingular).


Anonymous said...

I completely disagree that a Bluetooth modem that utilizes the CELLULAR COMPANIES CRAPPY DATA NETWORKS is a desirable feature.

Apple/Steve Jobs has drawn the map to the future and it includes utilizing "next generation" wireless BUT ONLY IF THE SPECTRUM goes to "do no harm" type companies.

Until then FREE WiFi is far better than EDGE, and if you MUST have a wireless data modem than shove one into your laptop.

IMRAN™ said...

Huh, since when did Steve Jobs become the God of the future or what people need or not.

How IDIOTIC is it to suggest that I should get an iPhone and pay for unlimited data, and buy a separate card for $$ and pay for unlimited data on THAT separately to be able to use my laptop from Apple? VERY.

Please explain how Free Wi-Fi works in a 3 hour limousine ride from Manhattan to Long Island, during which time I can do REAL work on my laptop with my Sony Ericsson 5-year old phone's GPRS Bluetooth modem ability.

Having Safari on iPhone does not replace the need to work online with laptops for those of us in the real world.

But, thanks for the comment.