Thursday, October 12, 2006

To Buy Or Not To Buy: Wells Fargo Financial's Moronic Browser Choice Means NO

It amazes me how dumb and moronic some companies can be. Here is Wells Fargo, whose web site will not let you conduct business or even log in, much less payments unless you are using the worst or lamest or deadest browsers in the world... this is from their web site. If you are picking a credit or financial services firm, and hoping to go online from almost any computer that you may have access to, avoid Wells Fargo. From being a web pioneer, they are now brain dead in their selection of browers being forced on users... better to pick a different bank than use one of these lame browsers.


Their web site demands these great high end browsers to pay your bills online:

"Netscape® 6.XX and 7.XX
* Netscape Navigator/Communicator Upgrade for Windows
* Netscape Upgrade for Macintosh

Microsoft® Internet Explorer (MSIE) 5.X - 6.XX
* MSIE Upgrade for Windows

America Online® 4.0 - AOL 8.0 for Windows; use with MSIE 5.X - 6.0
* America Online Browser Upgrade"

You can write a detailed complaint to them and this is what you get back.... note the directive not to bother them anymore with email replies.. they will not be read. Nice touch.

Subject: In response to your WellsFargoFinancial inquiry

Thank you for your correspondence. If you need assistance with online bill pay, please contact Wells Fargo Financial Customer Service at 800-346-3009 (M-F) 8:30-5:00 CST for assistance.
Please do not reply directly to this email.


Anonymous said...

I am a real-estate agent and only in the last one year have had THREE clients have serious, almost deal-breaking issues with Wells Fargo real-estate mortgage department. Twice the sellers, who were my clients, had to pay for property appraisal, which is highly unusual. The bank's appraisers are in their pockets.
However, they do have an excellent re-hab loan product, unmatched by most large banking institutions.

Unknown said...

The banking website works fine with Safari and Firefox but the financial website sucks and is still limited to what you have listed here.

Knowing that most security problems are with m$ is amazes me that Safari and Firefox aren't supported.

Anonymous said...

I found this after searching for a way to contact wells fargo financial to complain about the website. You can't even get a contact email from them without going through the horrible account help search. It's totally ridiculous. I'm overseas and using a mac. I've had to call twice to do payments over the phone. RIDICULOUS!

Anonymous said...

Wells Fargo is a sad example of corporate greed in America.