Saturday, July 15, 2006

Question God, But Not Israel

Imran Anwar questions how, in America, we can question anything, anyone, even question the existence of God,.... but better not dare question anything Israel and the Zionazis do.

Did you hear the radio commentary?

Israel and Zionazis use US funded "defense-use" aircraft to kill, using them to drop bombs on civilians in neighboring countries. American media and politicians worship the God of Israel and its lobby, selling out American interests to enhance Israeli interests. Shameful. What do you think?


blogagog said...

Wow, so it's the Zionazis vs. the Islamofascists? we should probably just let them duke it out then, since neither sounds very savory.

When did this new propaganda come out that said that Bush thinks he's a prophet of God? That's a pretty good one! It will probably gain the islamofascists a few new recruits even. Who makes up this stuff for them, do you know?

IMRAN™ said...

Actually, George W. Bush himself works overtime to please Bin Laden. In addition to Bin Laden family being close personal friends of the Bush family, the evil killer Osama Bin Laden could have no better friend than Geroge W. Bush... A simple search shows when and where Bush declared God speaks through him, without which he could not do his job. Jesus!?


blogagog said...

My bad! Thanks for finding my comment, since I lost it. I have increased respect for you allowing contrary comments on your site. And I am indeed contrary. Bookmarking now.

Yes, I know that a lot of non-believers think Bush said that he is some kind of messiah. A lot of them believe he served a fake turkey to our troops! That doesn't remove the facts. It's just not true. As a believer in Christianity, he has no choice to believe that his decisions are all the result of Christ's desires. It doesn't affect the actual decision. It only means that his logical conclusions are right with his God.

Let me be clear. I do not believe in the religion of Submission or in the religion of Christ. This is what I do believe. Some percentage of Submission is interested in destroying freedom. The percentage doesn't matter. I will not submit! I agree with your podcast that says (paraphrased) "Religion teaches good things." Islam (Submission) does not. I am willing to fight to destroy any religion that does not allow freedom, or that harms women. Islam (Submission) does both! If there is a peaceful form of Islam that does not harm women, I wholeheartedly support it! I just haven't seen it yet.

I strongly wish instant death to islamofascism. I may with death to Zionazism, but I'm unsure it actually exists. I'm going to cross-post my comment to the other link. Can't we all agree that an end to Syrian and Iranian based terrorism is the key to the solution?

blogagog said...

*sniff* You aren't about debate, huh :( 24 hrs is enough to assume that you aren't going to post my musings. As I leave your site, I wish you and yours well, and a prosperous future. Goodbye.

Joe said...

Men who fight as cowards, must die. On principle.

IMRAN™ said...

You are right, Joe. Men who fight as cowards, by using F-16s to bomb civilians, who shoot off missiles on people in wheelchairs, without fighting like men, should die. So, I am glad you feel people like that, e.g. Israeli troops, should die because they don't fight like men.